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Precious symbols that reassure us, infusing us with positivity for new perspectives.

The tree of life with its life cycle, the protection of Hamsa, the balance of opposites of Yin and Yang, but also the rebirth of the lotus flower, the movement of the spiral energy, the power of the birth of the flower of life and the stars upon us to which we turn our gaze.


Round neck T-shirt, hand numbered garments.

Design made by hand with mixed technique and printed on 50% organic cotton 50% Tencel® fabric.

Weight: 120 g / m2

OCS Blended (Organic Blended content standard) - Fair Wear

it'll be fine

45,00 €Price
  • Organic cotton respects the environment, does not damage the ecosystem and is truly a natural fabric. Furthermore, the total absence of chemical substances reduces the risk of rubbing irritation.

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