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Take me by the hand, I'll take you far away.


In my little world made of moments

you stopped time.


You've moved all my boundaries

teaching me to take care of you.


Happiness and fear are watching you grow up every day.

I would like to read the future to clear the wrong paths

and let you go through your dreams.


But I'm only your mother and I can only promise that I'll always be with you,

because you are the other half of my heart.


Round neck T-shirt, hand numbered garments.

Design made by hand with mixed technique and printed on 50% organic cotton 50% Tencel® fabric. Single Jersey

Weight: 120 g / m2
Shirt base color: white

OCS Blended (Organic Blended content standard) - Fair Wear

The other half of the heart - women's t-shirt

  • Tencel® is an artificial fabric of natural origin because it derives from wood fibers. It turns out very soft, similar to vegetable silk.

    The textile fiber is extracted with a closed cycle process thanks to the innovative Austrian company Lenzing in which a large part of the water used is recycled for subsequent fabric extractions. It does not use chemical solvents harmful to the environment during the extraction phase of the fabric.

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