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I studied Philosophy while working in Marketing, but even as a child

drawing and nature were my true loves.

Today I have created something that combines both my passions.

My drawings are printed on a natural "moving" canvas.

The drawings that talk about us, about our emotions, dreams and faults

are right here, printed on organic cotton, coming from controlled crops


where both the workers and fields are respected.

Now, I entrust them to you.

Take them around and about, take them where you like and please take

care of them :)

Have a good trip my friends!

donna di spalle
foglia tenuta tra le dita
Teenager Ballet Dancer
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I love drawing,

I love my family that goes beyond the dictates of kinship,

I love philosophical thinking

what actually helps you in life,

I love animals (all) and nature (all).

I love lemons and open spaces.

I love loves that change you for the better

and I love the strength of women,

the one that with kindness, constancy

and sometimes silence,

create life and what is possible!

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