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Barrette di sapone naturale

Wash your shirt like your grandmother would wash it.


Bypassing the generation of mothers, I apologize, just because our grandmothers did not have all the chemical detergents available today.

Washing the clothes was an event to be shared. We went together with the river or in the "laundries" of the village where the streams were natural washing machines, armed with natural soaps or with ash mixed with water, they were all sung together to the rhythm of rubbing clothes.

Who knows what smell the clothes hanging in the wind and sun.

Romanticism aside, I recommend everyone to go back to their origins, looking for natural detergents that do no harm to the environment or to our skin and not even to the fabrics themselves, but which keep everything at its best.


We also use the magical washing machine, which I love myself, but with cold water washing and reduced times.

A 30 degree wash for 30 minutes will keep the colors and fibers in excellent condition for a long time, in order to be able to often wear our favorite shirt.


Wash your shirt upside down and when it is dry always iron it inside out, avoiding spending too much time on the print with the heat of the iron.



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