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dreams, affections, our dearest memories,

that song we like so much,

that pair of shoes that take us for a walk,

trips to countries yet to be discovered,

that movie that makes us laugh and cry,

our car that always accompanies us everywhere,

the magic of Christmas,

the starry sky,

our home that welcomes us,

our animals who love us so much

the world in its preciousness,

nature in its fragility.

And if something is still missing,

add it yourself ...


V-neck short-sleeved T-shirt, raw cut edges, hand-numbered garments. handmade designs with mixed techniques and printed on 100% organic cotton.

Flamed cotton, combed.

Weight: 120 g / m2

T-shirt base color: vintage white

Accessories: mother of pearl buttons

Fair Trade - Global Organic Textile Standard

What's inside the heart - women's t-shirt

  • Organic cotton respects the environment, does not damage the ecosystem and is truly a natural fabric. Furthermore, the total absence of chemical substances reduces the risk of rubbing irritation.

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