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The wait suspends,

pauses our head and our time.

Hangs by a thread,

to a call, to a destiny.


Yet there are expectations that we can manage,

when to wait for something or someone

It depends on us.

You detach the pin of waiting.


Fluid T-shirt with boat neckline, hand-numbered garments. Hand-made designs with mixed technique and printed on 100% Lenzing Modal®.

Single jersey

Application: golden safety pin

Weight: 140 g / m2

Shirt base color: white

Fair Trade foundation

the wait - women's t-shirt

  • Modal® is an artificial fabric of natural origin because it is extracted from beech cellulose. It is very soft to the touch.

    It was designed by the Austrian company Lenzing and is extracted with an innovative and sustainable closed-cycle process, in which solvents and water resources are recycled and reused for subsequent extractions.

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