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One day love came out of her heart and she met Respect.

Respect taught him to consider the little things,

the daisies in the meadows and the dreams of children.

He taught him to respect differences of opinion

and the pink color in her hair.

Love began to think not only of itself

and he felt satisfied.

Love and respect always stayed together,

or at least they tried

and when they succeeded

they were just good stories :)

Round neck T-shirt, hand numbered garments.

Hand made design with mixed technique and printed on 50% organic cotton 50% Tencel® fabric. Single Jersey

Weight: 120 g / m2
T-shirt base color: vintage white

OCS Blended (Organic Blended content standard) - Fair Wear

Love_Respect - women's t-shirt

  • Organic cotton respects the environment, does not damage the ecosystem and is truly a natural fabric. Furthermore, the total absence of chemical substances reduces the risk of rubbing irritation.

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