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In hands

I enclose the face of my love to fill it with kisses,

I contain pages of the book of life that I leaf through with care,

I hide heavy and timid tears.


In hands

I caress the softness of my cat,

I look after my work and my passions,

in my hands I collect the perfume of the essence.


Round neck t-shirt, 3/4 sleeves, hand numbered items. Design made by hand with mixed technique and printed on 100% organic cotton. Hand painted details.

Cotton single jersey.

Weight: 120 g / m2

fit: over

Shirt base color: white

GOTS Global organic textile standard - Fair Wear

In my hands - hand painted women's t-shirt

  • Organic cotton respects the environment, does not damage the ecosystem and is truly a natural fabric. Furthermore, the total absence of chemical substances reduces the risk of rubbing irritation.

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