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... and what about our dreaming head?

Who would not want to be able to live in the clouds, regardless of traffic,

the delays in the office, the queue at the cinema.

We would like lightness, lightheartedness, paresis smiles ...

and so every now and then we raise our eyes to the sky,

let's snort a little and go, let's go,

with our heads in the clouds and down to earth!

Here, our personal pin cloud :)


Round neck T-shirt, hand numbered garments. Hand-made design in mixed technique and printed on 50% organic cotton and 50% Tencel® fabric.

Weight: 120 g / m2

Brooch in silk chiffon.

Fair Wear - OCS Blended (Organic Blended content standard)

between head and clouds - women's t-shirt

  • Tencel / Lyocell is an artificial fabric of natural origin as it derives from the regeneration of Eucalyptus wood cellulose. The fabric thus obtained has great properties of moisture absorption preventing the formation of bacteria and the growth of dust mites so that Tencel is classifiable as a hypoallergenic fabric.

    The production process is low in pollution: even the solvents used are non-toxic, as well as being completely recyclable.

    Eucalyptus trees are grown by companies certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), respecting socially and responsibly useful standards for the environment.

    Tencel® is a Lenzing brand, an Austrian company that has won several awards from the European Union to companies that are committed to sustainable production.

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